The economic health of New York State is reliant on a prepared workforce, enabled by SUNY’s lifelong learning “education to work” career pipeline.

To grow a highly skilled workforce, New York State has provided funding for SUNY, via its community colleges, to create one of the largest statewide public/private partnership apprenticeship programs in the country. Along with NYS Department of Labor’s Apprenticeship Office, SUNY will provide expertise and support to expand apprenticeships statewide. The SUNY program will assist in developing 2,000 pre-apprentices and Registered Apprentices over four to six years in advanced manufacturing, healthcare and other high need fields.

New York State appropriated $3 million for phase one of the program to identify workforce needs, determine skills gaps, and engage employer sponsors to create preapprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship opportunities. SUNY community colleges are collaborating with Educational Opportunity Centers, Regional Economic Development Councils and the Statewide Workforce Development Boards.

The collaborative SUNY Apprenticeship Program engages New York State’s employers to secure paid Registered Apprenticeships in high skilled, high demand, and competitive wage occupations. Initially focused on the advanced manufacturing and healthcare sectors, expansion is planned into other high need fields including information technology/cybersecurity, hospitality, and transportation/logistics.

Launched in 2018, the SUNY Apprenticeship Program anchors advanced manufacturing at Mohawk Valley Community College and healthcare at SUNY Schenectady County Community College and has programs underway at nearly a dozen SUNY community colleges.

“Revere and our 300+ employees operate in an extremely competitive industry which requires a highly skilled workforce to survive in the global market place. Individuals being educated through the SUNY Apprenticeship Program will fill the employment pipeline for the future. Revere looks forward to the opportunity to partner and work with SUNY to enhance the education and skills of our future workforce.”

— Mike Choquette,  Education & Training, Revere Copper Company, Rome, NY