Since 1946, Mohawk Valley Community College has been meeting the unique needs of students through career-focused programs, flexible schedules and delivery models, and personalized support. We are especially proud of our legacy of serving students from all backgrounds and helping them earn the degree they need for the career they deserve. We understand the stresses and challenges of work/life harmony and earning a degree, but it helps when you find an institution that understands your needs and is committed to supporting you in achieving your goals. Our innovative support systems, our focus on student success, and meeting you where you are what make MVCC the ideal partner.

At MVCC, we are committed to serving our students within and outside of the College. In an ever-evolving economy, local and regional employers work with us to customize training and educational programs, update our students’ skills, and provide workforce opportunities ranging from apprenticeships to full-time jobs and career pathways. We also offer various non-credit professional development and enrichment courses for adults and special interest programs for youth. Many area residents come to MVCC to enjoy our renowned Cultural Series and other community events.

I am proud of our distinctiveness, where, in addition to academics, our student clubs, partner organizations, programs and other learning opportunities, provide a complete environment in which to pursue your goals. MVCC is a place where you are afforded many prospects to expand your knowledge, as well as interact with and learn from some of the area’s top talent in the classroom and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

As we embark upon our 75th year of service, I am also incredibly proud of the distinguished history of Mohawk Valley Community College. Our community is filled with over 40,000 alumni and hundreds of employers who have experienced the remarkable quality of our institution. It has been our mission to strengthen the workforce with outstanding graduates and to help each student individually, where every member of the organization is dedicated to your success. From the first time you step onto campus to the day you walk across the stage for graduation, our faculty and staff will be with you every step of the way.

Your journey with us may ultimately take you to a four-year university or into the workplace, but how you define success and start your journey is really up to you. Whatever you choose – whether it’s simply making a difference or earning a skillset or a degree – we will provide the paths and support to help you achieve your dreams. No matter what path you take, your journey begins at Mohawk Valley Community College.

Whether you are new to MVCC or nearing the completion of your degree, I thank you for your interest!

Randall J. VanVagoner, Ph.D.